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of the smaller tebpees and stretching them over
poles and turning them into one big enclosure,
where we could all seat ourselves for the dance,
Our mothers and sisters, like all Indian women.,
sunny and happy in all circumstances, sat around
their teepees enjoying with placid cackles the
unique situation and the crowds and the bustle
which so delights Indian nature.

We feasted that night on buffalo pemrnlcan,
which no other tribe can make better than the
Assiniboines. Pemmican, the chief article of food
of the Indian during winter, is made of dried
buffalo meat cut into bits and mixed with saska-
toon-berries. After It has been put Into buffalo
bladders and hot fat has been poured over It5 it
will keep for months and years without spoiling.
It is the Indian's only 'canned5 food; the only food
he can lay by for the winter months.

After the feast we all filed Into the big council
lodge and seated ourselves for the I Saw Dance.

Five of the most renowned warriors of the three
tribes had been selected to re-enact their most
famous exploits on the war-path. These fifteen
stalwarts came Into the lodge after we had been
seated, and they took their seats on the right and
left of the chiefs, who sat facing us in a semicircle
at the far end of the lodge.

All of these warriors were stripped down to the
breech-cloths and the feathered war decorations